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New students will engage in supervised sparring and grappling immediately. During class, you will train with students having varying levels of experience, strength and ability. Class sizes are smaller than at some other schools, so you will enjoy a level of personal attention that you can't get at some of the larger schools.

Ju-Jitsu requires you to use your whole body, and it can be a strenuous workout, so pace yourself during class. You can take a break or get a drink whenever you need to. Don't be discouraged if you are "tapping out" frequently when you start, even if you have experience in other martial art styles. Most people can see noticeable improvement in 3 months of steady training. Interested in Women's self-defense? Click here.

Our rates are the best value in town!

We do not use contracts or billing companies, we like to keep things simple. You pay up front for the time option you prefer, you get an even better deal if if you pay for 4 or 12 months in advance. Unlike many schools, Your payment entitles you to attend unlimited class sessions.

Another great bonus: As long as you keep your membership current, your rates will NOT go up.

Private Lessons for individuals or groups are also available, contact us for info about private lessons.

Students will need to get a mouthguard and a protective cup (for males) as soon as possible, just to be on the safe side. You will also need to get a uniform (Gi) because many of the techniques we teach involve grabbing the attacker's clothing, and also hand and foot pads for free fighting. We have a full range of supplies for sale at very reasonable prices.

Adult Class Rates:

One Month

Four Months

One Year


$330 (Save $50)

$900 (Only $75/month!)














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Our Adult Ju-Jitsu Classes offer practical self-defense techniques to improve your chances in a real confrontation, and it's one of the best workouts in town. Classes are taught in a friendly, relaxed environment, with safety as a #1 priority. Students of any skill level are welcome. If you have studied martial arts elsewhere, you will find our school to be a refreshing change.

Want to learn more? Try a class for free! Just show up 10-15 minutes before a scheduled class, and wear gym clothing. You will actually participate in the training- it's the only way to really see what it's like.

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If you sign up the same day you try a free class, you will get an additional two weeks FREE!