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combat jiu-jitsu What is combat jiu-jitsu
combat jiu-jitsu
combat jiu-jitsu

The martial art we teach is called Kosen Ju-Jitsu. It shares many of the same techniques regularly used in mixed martial arts (MMA) contests, but there's a lot more. Kosen Ju-Jitsu ground grappling and throwing/takedown techniques are very similar to what you would see in Kosen Judo and Brazilian-style Jiu-Jitsu, but Kosen Ju-Jitsu is more street-oriented. It has more self-defense and stand-up striking techniques and weapon defenses to go along with effective ground defenses, throws & takedowns. Kosen Ju-Jitsu is also very effective for Women's self-defense.

In a real-life situation you must be prepared, because you can not choose your attacker.

Kosen Ju-Jitsu focuses on these main areas:

  • Situational Self-Defense- Responses to specific attacks such as wrist grabs, holds, chokes, weapon attacks, etc. Some "sport" styles of Ju-Jitsu spend very little time teaching this important area.
  • Throws, take downs and ground grappling - How to take a fight to the ground, and defend against grappling attacks- even if you are on the bottom with your opponent on top of you.
  • Striking - Punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes, while standing and while on the ground.
  • Chokes, joint locks, and submissions - Controls that prevent an attacker from injuring you. You will learn how to control or disable an attacker using surprise, leverage, knowledge of anatomy and proper body mechanics to control an attacker's movement and breathing. Many of these submission techniques are effective against a larger opponent. You can limit these techniques to control the attacker, or if your life is in danger you can use them to disable or render him unconscious. We also teach defenses to to these techniques.

Competition: While we are not focused on competition like a sport Ju-Jitsu school, some of our members do compete (and do quite well) in local grappling/Ju-Jitsu tournaments. We have also had several members compete in local full-contact MMA cage fights with outstanding results.


Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art. There are a few well-known martial art styles that have derived from Ju-Jitsu, such as Karate (which focuses on striking), Judo (An Olympic sport using throws, holds & grappling) and Aikido (joint locks, controls & throws) . There are many different styles of Ju-Jitsu that focus on different areas.


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