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World of self-defense
World of self-defense

When an altercation goes to the ground, you need to be able to take charge immediately. We can help you learn the neccesary skills to prevail in this critical Law Enforcement situation.

There is no substitute for regular training to keep your skills sharp.

Our adult Ju-Jitsu classes are well-attended by Law Enforcement professionals who find our classes to be practical, challenging and rewarding.

We have had officers from many MN-area agencies, including Corrections, Police, Sheriffs, State Patrol, DNR, Military, FBI and TSA as members of our school over the years. Interested officers are encouraged to try a class for free. Class tuition may even be tax-deductible or reimbursible as a continuing education expense.

We also offer a 4-hour "Basic Ground Defensive Tactics" group course for law enforcement which has been recognized and approved by the MN POST Board for POST continuing education credits. Topics covered include ground positioning, releases/escapes and application of basic controls, locks, restraints and striking techniques while on the ground, using various levels of force. Contact us to schedule a seminar.

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