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Ju-Jitsu for Women's Self-Defense:

While "Aerobic Kickboxing," "Sport Karate" and "Classical" or "Traditional" Martial Arts may be fun activities, they are often not effective against real-life aggressive attacks that "go to the ground", and unfortunately that's exactly where attacks on women often end up.

If you are serious about learning effective self-defense, it is absolutely essential that you practice defending against a resisting opponent while you are on the ground as part of your training. That's what we're here for.

Ju-Jitsu training will teach you to maximize your chances on the ground, where you can use leverage and positioning to defend against a larger attacker, instead of relying on upper-body strength. You will learn to use your whole body, and take advantage of your leg strength.

We encourage women to attend our regular adult classes to gain valuable experience working with a wide variety of training partners. There is no substitute for regular training, and you will be amazed at what you will learn in just a few months. Across the country, more and more women are discovering the fun and effectivness of Ju-Jitsu training.

Ju-Jitsu training can be hard work, and you will have a lot of close body contact with your training partner. Some people (and not just women!) are hesitant to learn Ju-Jitsu because the idea of rolling around with strange guys is just too uncomfortable. This close contact is a very important part of the learning process, and once you get to know your fellow students and instructors and learn how the techniques work, it quickly becomes a non-issue.

The more experience you get in Ju-Jitsu class, the less likely you will panic in a real situation where someone is holding you down. You will always be in control of your training experience and we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your training with us.